General Terms and Conditions


Free Peroni offer cannot be substituted.

Pizza al metro can only be created from the selected toppings listed.

Offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Student discount can only be applied to the food eaten by the individual NUS Card holder, not the party or table. To take advantage of the student discount, each person must have their own individual bill.


Party organisers please be aware that you are responsible for the payment of your bill in full. We do not split bills for parties larger than 8 people. The amount paid as a deposit will be deducted from the total of the final bill. We do accept multiple payments from the final bill but only if the party organiser is present.

Time at Table:

Please note: Your booking ensures that a table will be available to you for a maximum of 2 hours and 15 minutes during our busy times.

Food Allergies and Intolerances:

Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order.
Our menu descriptions do not list all of the ingredients included in the dish. An information pack is available listing all the allergens, please ask your waiter. Special Gluten-free and Dairy-free dishes are available, please ask your waiter.
No exchanges or refunds can be given once your meal has been ordered.

Availability and Changes:

All dishes may change and be removed or modified without prior notice, subject to availability.


All cash tips go straight to your waiter. For credit card & service charge tips, a small charge of 10% is deducted to cover the costs of getting these taxed & paid to each individual.